In this plan, you get both a certified triathlon coach AND swim coach looking at your plan weekly.

You will get weekly training plans virtually on training peaks with feedback on your workouts by your coaches and changes to your plan as needed. Your training plan and workouts are individual based on your fitness level, schedule and goals. This is not a cookie cutter plan.

This is The Best plan for triathletes training for a 70.3 or 140.6 race. You will have unlimited email/text with your coach and if local will have additional in person training opportunities and clinics, with Mandy and other experts in the field.  If plan is continued or started  in the off season, it will also include an off season plan to keep you building for the following season, strong, motivated and in shape. The plans adjust as your needs change.

Month to Month after startup but I do recommend a minimum of 3 month commitment. 

Runner From Above