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A New Year Approaches

It's incredible that we are already here at the end of another year. Call me sentimental, or maybe I am just getting old -- but it truly feels like each year goes by faster and that there is never enough time.

This year from a business perspective for me has been incredible. As many of you know, I have been working in the fitness industry for 20 years now, and it has been a constant hustle to find my place. If I could turn back time to when I was 19, I would change my college major then to something in physical therapy or exercise science -- but obviously nobody has invited that Time Machine yet, so here I am, haha!. However, even I say "I could have should have".. I remember that each chapter in my life has brought me to the place I am today. I have owned several businesses over the years -- and through each of these, I have learned more about myself as a dreamer, as a coach, as a business owner and as an athlete. So here I am again, 40 years old and growing my triathlon coaching business and community in the city of my dreams. Pretty lucky, I'd say! But ---I sure have worked hard to get here, and I am not done yet.

Throughout 2022, Bodylife Works Coaching has grown from just 5 athletes to 20 athletes! I am incredibly humbled and excited for this growth and continued excitement that we have built and cannot wait for the future holds .We have so many successes. Countless finish lines crossed. Goals met and challenges faced. A new team kit and singlet launched and worn. I am so incredibly proud of each person that has come to me for help and helped us build such a fantastic community with open arms. I feel like I am exactly where we need to be and doing what I was meant to do. Thank you to each of you.

For 2023, I hope that we continue to build our strong supportive community. I hope to use my continued growth as a coach to help all athletes -- both returning and new -- to surprise themselves with their results, to challenge themselves outside of their comfort zones and continue to live their best lives. From a business perspective, I also hope to have a local triathlon camp this year, and to continue to strengthen my relationship in the triathlon community.

From a personal athletic goal perspective, I had a tough 2022. I set the year with a goal to qualify for Boston Marathon which did not happen- and my marathon did not ever happen either. I had a minor yet nagging injury that made me sideline this goal for a bit. During that time down, I focused on swimming -- and jumped in with both feet to try a pure open water swim event without a wetsuit. Instead of trying to be at the top of my age group, I was just hopeful to finish within the time cutoff. I did it -thanks to Coach Sidney! But boy ,what a humbling experience! I was also able to be my own coach for the first time ever and coached myself for a PR at Indian Wells 70.3 in December -- where I had a PR in both the swim and bike portions of the race and a solid run off the bike. I an hopeful that 2023 will bring more success and less injury. I am signed up for Oceanside 70.3 April 1st -- then triathlon will be on the back burner while I focus on my first marathon swim attempt around Coronado in mid August 2023. After

that swim, I will switch gears again and likely focus on a half marathon PR and finish 2023 out with La Quinta 70.3 again. My Boston dreams have not disappeared and my long term goal is to go after this goal again in 2024. I am hopeful with a bit more time working on top end run speed that I am doing now, this will help in my long term goal of that BQ.

There is your yearly recap from Mandy the athlete, and Mandy the coach. Thank you to everyone who continues to support Body Life Works as an athlete, friend, sponsor or cheerleader. Your support never goes unnoticed.

Yours in Health,


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