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I decided to take the leap and signed up for my first full Ironman triathlon (Ironman Indiana, October 2, 2021), with a 70.3 race during the summer (Ironman 70.3 Ohio). I had looked at online training plans, but really felt lost as to where to begin. Thankfully, Mandy was willing to work with me. This was a game changer. From the very beginning, Mandy made me feel comfortable with the training. I had known her for a few years from a running club we both belonged to. She looked into my previous training data and results to help create a plan that worked with my lifestyle (a high school teacher and coach with a wife and two young kids) and physical capabilities. She created workouts that were realistic based upon my abilities, but also to challenge and push me to be better. The end goal was always in mind with these workouts:  Finishing Ironman Indiana (as strong as possible). My biggest weakness was swimming.  Each week, Mandy would add swim-specific drill sessions to help improve my comfort and proficiency. I’m happy to report that I had the best swim of my life in the race. It was clear from the beginning that Mandy cared about my mental and physical wellbeing. She was always available to talk things through. She made me feel confident with my race plan. I’m happy to say that I did finish Ironman Indiana in 13:00:47 and felt STRONG at the finish. I would love to work with Mandy again with future races. I recommend her with full confidence!

Nathan Price

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